Editing a landing page

A landing page is the top-level page in a section.

Landing pages have a slightly different visual design than other page types. They follow a template, but are primarily built using components.

Landing pages (along with listing pages) can serve as the root pages for post types.

What belongs on a landing page?

Think of a landing page as a mini-homepage for each section. It should give useful context for the topics a site visitor can find in that section, and link to pages within that section. 

Access your published pages and drafts and create a new page on your site. (Watch in full-screen for the best view!)

Creating a landing page

It should be rare that a site editor needs to create a landing page on an FAA unit site. The only likely need would be if your unit is reorganizing your website and creating a new section.

To create a landing page:

  1. Hover over Pages in the Dashboard menu and select Add New. A template for a new basic page will load. 
  2. In the Page Attributes section, select Landing Page in the Template dropdown menu. The page will reload with the template for a landing page.
  3. Give your page a title.
  4. As topmost pages in a section, landing pages do not need a “parent page” under Page Attributes.
  5. Under Publish, select Publish.

Editing a landing page

To edit an existing landing page:

  1. Hover over Pages in the Dashboard menu and select All Pages. You will see a list of all basic pages, landing pages, and listing pages on your website.
  2. Find the landing page you want to edit. You can do this by searching for the page title or scrolling through the list.
  3. Hover over the name of the page and select Edit.
  4. Make the changes.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.

Standard fields on a landing page

The Introduction section on a landing page includes a hero image (a horizontal, high-impact image that appears at the top of the page), alt text for that image, and an optional introductory text section. 

The rest of the page is built using components.

Choosing a landing page as a root page

Every post type on your website needs a root page in order to enable on-page navigation called breadcrumbs.

Learn how to set a root page here.

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