Editing menus and navigation

The College of Fine and Applied Arts multisite is built in WordPress. The navigation options rely on the WordPress interface.

WordPress refers to navigation in terms of “menus.” 

Find menu (navigation) settings

From the Dashboard, select Menus.

Editing an existing menu/navigation

  1. At the top of the Menus interface, choose a menu to edit from the dropdown at the top of the page and click the Select button.
  2. Add pages to the menu in the Pages interface on the left. Using the Most Recent, View All, or Search tab, select pages to add to your menu, and click the Add to Menu button.
  3. In the menu editing interface on the right, drag the pages into the order you prefer. You can nest pages under other pages using the drag and drop method. You can also click on the arrow/caret to the right of the page name to see configuration options.
  4. Click Save Menu at the bottom of the page.
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