Adding components to a page

Components display content on your site. Use them to customize pages on your site with different displays of content like text, images, videos, and buttons. 

You can add components on most pages in the FAA multisite. Once you add a components to a page, you can reorder or delete them as needed.

Where can I use components?

Basic pages are built with components. 

Landing pages are primarily built with components. 

You can add components to most post types, although the available options are limited in some cases.

Adding a component

In the Components section of a basic page, landing page, or post type, select Add Component.

A list of components will appear. (Note that in some cases, the list of components is restricted.)

Select the name of the component you want to add to the page.

Click the Add Component button to see components you can add to your page.

Reordering components

To move a component that’s added to the page, hover over the component name. The cursor will change to crossed arrows. Click and drag the component to the place you want on the page, then release. The number next to the component name will change to reflect the new order.

Deleting a component

To delete a component that’s added to the page, hover over the component name, then hover over the minus sign that appears.

Click Remove layout.

The system will ask you to confirm; choose Remove again.

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